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The Lamb Wrap
Theiskele lamb wrap

It’s a sunny Friday, and what a perfect day to write my first review.

On Thursdays and Fridays the Whitecross Street Market opens its food stalls to the general public. For those who don’t know; the Whitecross street market was first established in the early 17th century. There is plenty of history and culture behind this place.

I love food markets and have been to many in my time, however this one sets the bar higher. Visitors will find themselves deciding on what to eat, before spotting a better option 15 seconds later. To put it simply, there is just so much choice. I eventually settled on a Turkish lamb wrap from a stall called The Iskele, the immensely long queue signalled that it was a popular choice so I decided to try it for myself.

Surprisingly, it was not a long wait and not before long I was tucking into my wrap. The lamb itself was in a good amount, it was hot and full of flavour. One thing that I noticed was that it was not dry, as lamb often dries out quite quickly, and this appealed to me. The lamb was in cut into 4 large sized chunks and tasted like lamb fresh off the barbeque, perfect for a sunny Friday afternoon. There was a good quantity of red cabbage mixed in with the fresh lettuce, onions and gherkins and unlike a traditional Turkish kebab; I was given a good proportion of vegetables.

However, the best part was the deliciousness of the pitta bread. The bread was large enough so that the ingredients did not fall out and ensured a nice clean lunch whilst still keeping a good lamb to bread ratio. It was soft, warm, and complemented the ingredients perfectly. The bread had been flavoured, but not enough to take away the taste of the lamb, but enough so that the taste is noticeable.

If I had to have one criticism it would be that in the queue one of the staff collecting orders and payments harried me into making a choice and I felt I was not given time to look at the menu or decide what I wanted. However this is understandable given the busyness of the market.

In my opinion, this was not one of my favourite wraps ever, but you have to remember to take in the whole experience. You cannot help but get caught up in the buzz and atmosphere of the marketplace and this is definitely something that I would recommend.






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