The Flying Burrito 3

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What an honour to be posting the first entry on whatsforlunch!

Anyway straight down to the good stuff.  Today I was seriously, seriously craving a burrito.  I wanted to try somewhere new so I spent 20 minutes searching for a place in the Shoreditch area that we hadn’t yet tried.  Eventually after some phone calls and a lot of miscommunication we set off for The Flying Burrito near Liverpool Street Station.

Having checked the menu online before departure I was still torn 15 minutes later as to whether I wanted pork or beef when we arrived in the busy shop.  The staff work pretty methodically, in an assembly line that even Henry Ford would be proud of, and before long I was being served and had made the snap decision to go with my usual choice of burrito filling – pork.  I opted to have most of the additional fillings (except tomato salsa), but was a little disappointed there was no hot sauce on offer.  This disappointment proved valid as I had my initial bites of the burrito.  I like food that really tests your heat limit and unfortunately this burrito was a bit on the tame side.  The other minor disappointment was the rice being low in temperature.  This gave the burrito an inconsistent heat as I moved from bite to bite.  To top this off the filling wasn’t distributed evenly and they could have definitely been a bit more generous with the meat filling.

The pinto beans were amongst the best I’ve had in London and were packed full of smokey flavour.

Despite these flaws the overall eating experience was good.  Although mild, and a bit stingy the pork was deliciously marinated and had a mouth wateringly deep, rich taste.  The pinto beans were amongst the best I’ve had in London and were packed full of smokey flavour.  The cheese was quite strong, but mixed with the sour cream and lettuce it gave a nice tangy, cool after taste that offset the heartier flavours of the meat and beans.  As I got to my final few bites the heat stepped up a few gears and I had a nice burning sensation as I finished my meal (I think all the chilli had pooled at the bottom).

Overall I wasn’t blown away with Flying Burrito but that said it was still tasty enough to warrant me recommending you try it out.  It provides a different experience to a few of the other burrito joints in London, that although not quite as good in my opinion, still warrants experiencing at least once.  Maybe next time I will charm the staff to give me a bit more meat!


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