The Barley Mow 3.5

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The Barley Mow bento box
The Barley Mow bento box
Barley Mow Lunch Menu

As my first post for What’s For Lunch, I was quite excited to be reviewing today’s choice; the Barley Mow in Shoreditch. It’s a freezing day today, and it’s not much warmer here in the office. So, with this observation, we decided to try something warm along with our usual criteria of something delicious.

We’d come across the Barley Mow before and were yet to try it but we were won over by the interesting-sounding lunchtime bento box. So, we set off and arrived at the unassuming shop front. This is primarily a pub, as the name suggests, and is usually pretty quiet during the daytime. Upon entering the building, it became clear just how quiet the place actually was – there was literally three other customers, and the lack of background music was a surprisingly odd feeling. We headed upstairs in search for a bit more ambiance
but that was much the same.

The main menu seemed quite expensive but we’d come for the bento box lunch special which was priced at an extremely reasonable £6.50, with a soft drink included. There was a quite a good selection, with chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian options. After much umming and ahhing, I decided to go for the chicken red curry which came with fish cakes. The menu didn’t go into too much detail but not knowing exactly what I was going to get made things quite exciting.

It wasn’t long before our food arrived and I have to say, I spent a few moments admiring the vibrant colours in front of me. There were two fishcakes, a chilli dipping sauce, a perfect amount of Thai red curry with plenty of veg, a generous portion of steamed rice and a little brownie square for afterwards. I’ve always been partial to a meal made up of different little morsels, and as they say, variety is the spice of life, so this looked perfect.

I started off with a fishcake, and although very tasty, there wasn’t much fishiness. I found these fishcakes a bit greasy for my liking, but the texture was spongy and light. Moving onto the Thai red curry, the chicken to veg ratio was just right, and the sauce was flavoursome and not too coconutty. Although it was pleasant and perfectly edible, it was nothing remarkable. Shaun opted for the beef curry with prawn toast, and he assured us it was all delicious. The crunchy-on-the-outside and moist-in-the-middle brownie was a nice touch to end the meal.

Our bento box experience at the Barley Mow was definitely worth the trip. Although it wasn’t the best Thai I’ve had this week, for £6.50 (with a soft drink and table service included) you can’t really go wrong. Simple, tasty food and great service make this a very likely contender for a repeat visit.


The Barley Mow


127 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3BX

Telephone 020 7729 3910
Nearest tube

Old Street


Around £6.50 for the lunchtime special

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