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Evil Hot Wings

It was a sunny day in Shoreditch so Kun and I decided to head over to Hoxton Square, and the Red Dog Saloon to enjoy an outdoor lunch.  I had never been there before, and had quite an appetite so the thought of some fatty American grub was appealing.  The restaurant is billed as an “Authentic American BBQ” offering ribs, pulled pork, burgers, wings, and all the other fare you would expect to find being cooked up in a rednecks garden.

The thing that immediately caught our eyes was a big, evil looking box on the menu which advertised a hot wing challenge.  The task to anyone who dared undertake it was to get through 6 wings made with Naga Viper Chilli (the worlds hottest) in 10 minutes.  Neither of us fancied our chances at beating the challenge, and I didn’t fancy touching them at all having a bit of knowledge about the chilli, but Kun wanted to taste the heat.  Adamantly stating the wings wouldn’t be going near my mouth I settled on pulled pork and fries for my meal.

After ordering the waitress was kind enough to warn about the strength of the chilli, telling us, amongst other things, to wash our hands before going to the toilet.  When the food arrived (in a relatively timely manner) the wings looked as evil as I imagined, coated in a thick, dark, chilli paste that looked as if it could burn through metal.  Kun immediately bit into one, and despite his best efforts to remain calm and cool, it was clearly very hot.  The curiosity, and Kun’s ribbing got the better of me and I decided to try a wing.  Now I have seen videos on Youtube of people eating Naga Viper’s, or sauce made from it and looking like they were about to die so I was expecting to have my head absolutely blown off.  When I tried a wing though I was surprised by it not being as hot as the sun.  It was definitely very hot, and I struggled with the burning sensation growing and growing in my mouth over time, but the pain was bearable and they actually tasted quite nice.   I managed one wing interspersed with my main dish without setting fire to myself, and would recommend them to anyone curious about very hot food but be warned my stomach was a bit ropey for the rest of the day so possibly don’t tackle it if you are planning on going out.

As for my actual main course the pulled pork was absolutely delicious.  The BBQ sauce it was in mixed up the blend of smokey and sweet fabulously, and the meat itself was soft and tender.  The chips weren’t the best I’ve ever tasted but provided a decent enough accompaniment to the pork.  Next time I go I would like to try the ribs to see if the high quality pork continues beyond the pulled option.  Overall though I would give my blessing for any American food lover to visit Red Dog Saloon.  And if you are up for a challenge you can try the wings, or the Philly Cheesesteak challenge (this made another friend of mine vomit)!


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Red Dog Saloon




37 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NN

Telephone 0203 551 8014

Nearest tube

Old Street


£10-15 per main course.

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