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Today we didn’t venture quite so far from home and went to Grab Thai on  Leonard Street. Grab Thai is almost hidden away, with an unobtrusive storefront down a side street, but it is most definitely a (semi) hidden gem.

We’ve actually been to Grab Thai once before, so I knew in advance that their menu of tasty Thai treats is small, but delicious. I couldn’t really decide to stick with the Pad Siew beef that I had the first time; or the delicious sounding Moo Ping pork, which despite sounding slightly like a popular greetings card company, was exceptionally tempting. In the end, knowing I’d be reviewing the food this time, I thought I should broaden my horizons. And I was not disappointed.

The flavours complement each other well, with the sweet, tender, meaty pork skewers tasting even better with the slight coconuttyness of the rice.

The pork (which comes on skewers) was delicious, sticky and flavoursome, tasting a little like teriyaki. They were perfectly cooked, grilled but not dried out. The sticky rice was, to be honest, a bit of an odd experience, as it is extremely sticky. So much so, in fact, that it is a pretty much solid block that you have to eat with a knife, not a spoon. The flavours did complement each other well, with the sweet, tender, meaty pork skewers tasting even better with the slight coconuttyness of the rice. (That’s a real word, I swear) I should note that this dish comes in bits, like an Ikea table. But edible. So you’ll need to either eat at the shop or have bowls at your office.

The Pad Siew beef, which I had the last time, is also absolutely delicious. It’s very similar to the more traditional and popular Pad Thai noodle dish, but is cooked in a slightly sweeter soy sauce which blends, I think, really nicely with the meaty flavor of the beef to make a great lunch dish. My one criticism was that when I had it, the noodles had become a bit stuck together in the pot, making it a bit awkward to scoff as quickly as I would have liked.

The staff are really friendly, and will happily help you out if you’re a bit baffled by the menu and selection of food, which is definitely possible given the slightly confusing layout. Also, ProTip = get the prawn crackers, which are among the best I’ve had in London: crispy, fresh-tasting, and with a nice spicy kick to them. And they’re only 50p.

All in all, I’d say Grab Thai is a no-brainer recommendation, you should definitely try it out!

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  • Thanks for the great review Shaun and love the word ‘coconuttyness’ – we may need to borrow this off you! We look forward to seeing you at GRAB again soon.

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