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Bottega Prelibato
Bottega Prelibato

Bottega PrelibatoThe Bottega Prelibato on Rivington street is small, simple and unassuming from the outside, so much so that you might easily walk past it without really realizing it houses a proper restaurant. And that would be a shame, as it serves up some of the finest, most authentic Italian food you can find in Shoreditch, and maybe anywhere else.

The menus are written on chalkboards, there are no paper menus at the tables. Everything is fresh and cooked to order, and a nice little touch that we enjoyed was once it runs out, it’s wiped off the chalkboard. The whole place is simple, homely, pleasant and, at the risk of sounding clichéd, rustic.

And the food fits the décor. Bottega Prelibato serves simple, but perfectly cooked Italian food. I had a delicious crabmeat & pasta dish (the pasta is fresh, with an unusual name that I am not even going to try and spell from memory) which was pretty much perfect. The pasta was cooked exactly right, al dente without being hard, in a simple very light tomato sauce, mixed with a very generous amount of tasty crabmeat and succulent cherry tomatoes. Kun had an equally tasty looking clam pasta (again, an unusual variety) which was, he assures me, just as delicious.

The real treat, if you’re feeling a little extravagant, and more than a little greedy, is the starter platter of Italian meats and cheeses. Coming on a huge wooden board, you get generous piles of cooked ham, parma ham, a truffle salami and Milanese salami, as well as several different types of Italian cheese, from soft and creamy to a strong blue. We asked for more meat than cheese, and they certainly obliged. The hams were as good as any I’ve had anywhere else, the truffle salami being a particular highlight, and the cheeses didn’t disappoint either.

All in all, we found it very difficult to find anything we didn’t like about Bottega Prelibato, as everything we ate was as close to perfect as you can really expect. About the only nit to pick is that it is quite expensive, at about £10 for each main, and a fairly hefty £20 for the sharing platter. But then, aren’t you worth it? Take the plunge, and you definitely won’t regret it, we promise.

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Bottega Prelibato


45, Rivington St. London. EC2A 3QB

Telephone 020 7739 4995

Nearest tube

Old Street


Set aside £15-£20 for a simple, delicious lunch.

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